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Modular Vehicle Design Exhibitions

Starting out as a means of displaying our product lines vs other companies modular vehicles it has evolved into a multifacited competition. Pilots from all around Europa gather together to test out new builds and to pit their skills against each other in a friendly enviroment. Now after the revolution for Europa's freedom has started the Exhibitions are even more crucial then ever as a means of exhibiting the pilots flexibility and control over a multitude of limitations and themes.

Have an idea for an Exhibition Theme not listed below? Post your idea on our Exhibition Thread!

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Main Exhibition Focus

Build Class - Defender

Bonus Exhibition Focus

Build Type - Open Cockpit

Build Type - Hybrid Role Type

Our Goals

Exhibition Rules

  1. Self Policing - If you want to break the theme / spirit of the event then go ahead, I won't stop you. However doing so may not settle right with the rest of the participants.
  2. Language - As most of these events will be streamed / recorded we please ask all contestants to watch their language, the occasional bad word is okay but a full blown rant on someones mother will be frowned upon.
  3. We reserve the right to alter the event / rules / times / etc as our leasure with or without notice.

Exhibition Scoring