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M.A.V. Enhancement Tools (Build Designer Module) Version 0.9.2

M.A.V. balance version ???

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0 0 Weight Weight used / maximum weight 0 0 Energy Energy used / energy generated 0 0 base Max Speed Max Speed / Base Chassis Speed

Part Count--- Overall Durability--- Total Damage---
Avg. Durability--- Avg. Armor--- Damage Per Min---
Chassis Durability--- Chassis Armor--- ------
Cockpit Durability--- Cockpit Armor--- Time to Kill Base---

Weapon Groups--- Stability--- Max Range---
Acceleration--- Braking--- Avg. Range---
Turn Rate--- Rotation Rate---
Absorption--- Fire Delay---
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Account lvl: 0
Scout lvl: 0 Attacker lvl: 0 Support lvl: 0
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